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The Cardiovascular Biomechanics and Ultrasound Laboratory (PI: Yap Choon Hwai) focuses on investigations of pre-natal cardiovascular biomechanics, including human fetal heart and small animal embryonic heart biomechanics, and placenta biomechanics. We strive to understand the fluid mechanical environment and myocardial tissue biomechanical environments of the fetal heart and blood vessels, so as to understand how these mechanical forces play a role in normal development, and how they can cause diseases.

Our second interest, which is a translational interest, is on developing technologies that can effectively modulate thrombosis in medical devices. For example, we investigate biocompatible slip-flow materials to reduce blood stresses and blood damage in blood pumps, and we adapted a nano-fibrous material for an advanced hemostatic device.

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* The Cardiovascular Biomechanics and Ultrasound Laboratory is moving to Imperial College London in July 2020. We look forward to continued opportunities to contribute scientifically from London. Multiple PhD Scholarships at Imperial College are currently available, for details, please see here.

* Yap Lab and Poulikakos Lab jointly develop an advanced nano-tech enabled hemostatic patch that minimizes blood loss by repelling blood, enables fast clotting, and easy detachment after clotting. Check it out here.